Real Estate License Education

License Solution Pro includes industry leading online courses required by the California Bureau of Real Estate to sit for state exam. The courses include electronic and hard-copy, college quality textbooks for ease of studying anywhere. Students will take online, open book final exams (60% required to pass) to complete the course. Once completed, students will be able to print out their certificates of completion to submit to the state. Courses can be completed in as little as 54 days or 2 ½ weeks per course.

Along with the courses and textbooks, students receive the Real Estate Terminology e-book as well as a Math Solutions tutor. Included is our online state exam test preparation materials. Students will also have access to our certified instructor for educational support as well as technical support.

Online real estate coursesEverything needed to pass the state exam on the FIRST ATTEMPT!

Educational Real Estate Licensing Program:

    • Industry Leading Online Real Estate Courses
    • Electronic and Hardcopy College Quality Textbooks
    • Online Open Book Finals
    • Real Estate Terminology e-Book
    • Real Estate Math Solutions Tutor
    • Online state exam preparation materials
    • Educational Support
    • Technical Support
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